Team GIESSE Logistica

Our Ethics

These sections will help you understand where we come from, who we are and how we think, in order to get close to our business philosophy. Ethical values in our company come first.

Impianto industriale GIESSE


GIESSE Logistics Corporation is extremely involved in healthcare. For example, we have allocated funds to Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin many times.


We have big offices for designing the new technologies developed in our R&D unit. After the testing phases we make sure our products satisfy law standards of durability and our qualitative standards.


GIESSE Logistics Company was born with upright values and ethical principles that still lead us to expansion, staying focused on human needs.


We have accurately chosen a group of suppliers who share our values of environmental sustainability and work according to them. The products we created and/or we put together in our units respect the environment and the concepts of humanity.


GIESSE bought the required certifications attesting the creation, the application and the maintenance of management and business organization systems. It shall conform to specific reference standards, world-wide valid, and it shall guarantee the quality of the products and of the process during which the products are created.


GIESSE Logistics hopes to build a solid relationship with its clients. The Customer Care division works on improving customers’ loyalty towards our Company. Choosing GIESSE means choosing safety and reliability.


GIESSE Logistics is made of skilled people who want to improve the company itself and its quality. People working with GIESSE make the final product unique.