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The success of our clients represents our very first goal that leads all our actions. Today we stand out as a strong brand producing logistic equipment and providing custom-made constructions in steel. We offer our clients the most versatile solutions in logistic management, to take care of their needs in internal and external handling.

Convenience stands for having a product that both overtakes all durability tests and stress tests and is not underestimated for the simple reduction of its cost on the market.

We are a Company able to create products with high-level quality without compromising in price and costs. Our DNA guarantees ethics and quality, we have started this since 2001 and today our headquarter covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, where we handle a constant flow of work with a service operating 6 days out of 7.

We are constantly looking for services and solutions to satisfy our clients’ handlings. We offer high quality not only for the products themselves but also for post-sale care.

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In the past years we strengthened our Company focusing on checking for and solving logistic problems.
We are proud to say we represent an important business mechanism for national, European and extra-European systems.