Care for
needy people


Donating to hospitals so that they can afford the most up-to-date equipment.

Promoting business charity towards cat and dog shelters and veterinary facilities.

Supporting charity associations in their daily missions.


GIESSE group have allocated funds and created infrastructures for cultural associations, hospital centers and volunteering structures in order to show its own philanthropic side. Creating logistic products means not only showing the best of a company in marketing but also helping other companies achieve their goals. We do love taking care of people.


GIESSE Logistics does not belong to any established political party, it supports no-profit associations of social aid on its own. Our Company has been deeply involved in social activities for over 20 years.

GIESSE does believe in the maintenance of historical buildings that are part of the Italian architectural fabric.

We live in a wonderful country, do not let it collapses in earthquakes. Besides, we think supporting hospital centers or allocating funds for charity is important as well.


GIESSE for the territory …