Working with frankness

GIESSE Logistics hopes to fill the gap between people and logistic equipment. Information is one of our leading value, that makes the difference in our Company: step by step we will tell you about it. Knowing where we come from will make you understand what you buy.

Cyclic improvement

Improving the production process of logistic products to improve work conditions for our workers represents the ethical fulcrum of our business. GIESSE focuses on each component of the ultimate products, from the beginning to the end. Tracking the supplies chain gives power and strength to the brand and the product itself. We all need to figure this out as soon as possible.

Costs of the product

A worthy purchase. We want our business to be transparent: in that way you will easily understand GIESSE industrial process makes its products more resistant to accidental events and aggressive agents. The development of a product, our social and production projects, the functioning of our products, the tests and our marketing are only some of our costs: let’s find out them all.

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