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Porte rapide per capannoni mobili industriali

High speed doors in PVC

High-speed doors are special closure devises, specifically designed for industries. In fact they fit for places where the passage of humans and vehicles is constant, in order to prevent from the dispersion of calories and/or frigories.

Porte rapide autoriparabili

PVC coverings

PVC coverings are moving or fixed constructions, in galvanized steel and covered in PCV CL I/II. They are useful solutions to stock products from all industrial domains: mechanic, agricultural, chemical and food industry.

Tunnel mobili in pvc

Loading bays

The Loading bays are openings between different work environments, usually logistic outdoor spaces and storage facilities. Different technologies, such as loading ramps, sealants, Dock Shelters, etc. can be applied to our loading bays.

Sigillanti per magazzini

Constructions in steel

For years steel has been an efficient alternative in the construction industry, for the ease of both use and installation. All GIESSE constructions have a steel core in order to provide our customers with resistance and quality.

Edilizia in acciaio GIESSE


We produce a large range of safe and functioning items. They are designed for internal and external closures, walls, facades and dividings protecting different work environments.

Chiusure industriali

Fireproof Closures

In the last-born unit in GIESSE, the Firerated division, we deal with fireproof products and solutions. After getting the certifications and the qualifications we need, our technical office supervises the design considering our clients’ demands.

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