An explosion of ideas

Who are we?

All together we create marketing to meet demands of ethical and eco-friendly products. In order to have its computer management taken care, GIESSE Logistics relies on a specific department dealing with business sustainability of communication projects to connect clients and the company itself.


Main site, GIESSE showcase website, displays all our concepts about the ethics and the foundations of logistic products. By a minimal design we did our best in showing how much our products and all ideas shared in GIESSE Company are refined, eco-friendly and professional.

Work in process

Our Main site displays a meaningful image of what is GIESSE today. In this website we do not just talk about logistic equipment but we also focus on the very ethics allowing us to create our products.

In our blog we publish news on logistic world and we share them on our main social network.

Our network is a platform for business communication; it is made of store databases where, depending on their position, users can find the retail store that best meets their demands of GIESSE products.

This application helps us keep contact and improve data exchange among different people in charge in the Company.

GIESSE is proud to announce important investments in marketing and computer domain. The whole upgrade process is managed by LANGA Group.

LANGA is a digital Company that promotes marketing for its clients and makes it more and more up-to-date.

Ugo Nespolo artista torinese GIESSE Logistica

We are supporting “Il Connubio” campaign promoted by artist Ugo Nespolo for GIESSE.

During this campaign we are going to get involved people of our Company in order to express and feel Art in GIESSE products.

Porte rapide in PVC e sistemi di chiusura industriale