Giulio Valsania


``You have to love what you do to want to do it every day.``

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T elling an intricate story, that is what came to my mind some years ago. In January 2001 I founded GIESSE S.n.c. and by necessity we did all kinds of works, including renting our staff to people I am still grateful to.

H or better, hostels were my very first springboards to create my business world. I used to spend the night far from home and… during the day I worked hard. In 2006 for the first time we moved to Castellinaldo in one of our own buildings, we started hiring more and more staff and so our efforts to find and handle commissions increased; I neglected my personal life spending all my energies to consolidate the bases of a healthy business.

A nd between 2004 and 2005 I figured out paying workers was not enough: I had to beg them arousing a sense of gratitude, even though I was often betrayed. Relationships were tiring considering my personal involvement but they were essential for our growth as a Company.

N ot a single company escaped the financial crisis in Italy in 2008 and we were hit too: we had to stop overtimes during a week, but in the mean time we found new workers and new clients and we developed new technical solutions to overtake this difficult three-year period.

K eywords, great struggles and much more besides: this is what I used to overtake our difficulties in 2009. We worked hard to support the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo donating a tarped structure assigned to the canteen service. I also took part in the installation getting an important experience about charity: it could leave a sour taste but it is a social duty.

S o this is just for a few people, but the right people. I would like to thank again people who were close to me and still are.