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With AUTO Frigo® high-speed doors GIESSE offers you the best solution for compartmentalization.

MADE in ITALY automation, designed for heavy use.

AUTO Frigo® doors are usually set in refrigerated environments. These PVC high-speed doors are frontally set at the opening of refrigerating rooms or rooms at controlled temperature. Maximum delta of internal/external temperature may vary from -5° to +20°.

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AUTO Frigo® doors help insulate environments with great differences of temperature reducing dispersion of calories and/or frigories with the special insulation of the mantle material. The characteristics of this kind of doors help its users save energy in refrigerating rooms or rooms at controlled temperature.

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OperatorFrontal or lateral
Max ClearOpening W 6000x H 5500 mm
Upper beam size350×350 mm without cover
ColoumnsSelf-supporting frame with electrical conduits included
Side railsHigh density polietilen profile
ButtonsStart stop push button on frame and Led flashing blinker
CurtainInsulating sandwich material made of a double layer of polyester fabric
TransmittanceU value = 2,4 W/sq. m•K
Curtain ReinsertionManual (assisted) reinsertion of the mantle in the rails
WindowsNo windows
SafetyLight curtains
SpeedFunctioning speed 1.0 m/s
Wind resistanceClass 2
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1. Integrated control panel 230 V – 2. START push button on self-supporting frame – 3. Light curtain – 4. START push button opposite side – 5. Led flashing blinker – 6. Brackets – 7. Thermal cut kit – 8. Manual release rod

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