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AUTO Full® high-speed doors are designed for all kinds of applications. These doors are shock-absorbing and deformable.

MADE in ITALY automation, designed for heavy use.

AUTO Full® high-speed doors fit for all kinds of industrial settings and logistic environments. We test each door, all electric and electronic devices go through our rigid quality tests.

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G IESSE AUTO Full® high-speed doors can hermetically close opening spaces in every industrial facility, for every goods sector. AUTO Full® PVC high-speed doors by GIESSE fit for all applications (internal and external).

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AutomationLateral or frontal
Maximum useful sizeW 6000 x H 5500 mm
CrossbeamRound-shaped upper housing, 350 x 350 mm
PillarsSelf-bearing outline with an electric system inside, 100 x 100 mm
RailsSliding outline in high-density polyethylene
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillar
MantleDual coated fabric in polyester, 1200 gr/sq. m
ReinsertionManual (assisted) reinsertion of the mantle in the rails
GlazingOne row of 1000×300 mm windows, 1500 mm from the ground
SafetyAnti-shears device with a photocell sensor barrier
SpeedFunctioning speed 1.2 m/s
Wind resistanceClass 2

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand. Interfaces with other automation managed by PCL are possible as well.

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1. Integrated 230V control panel – 2. Integrated OPEN + STOP button on the pillar – 3. Safety barriers – 4. START button structure opposite side – 5. Flashing – 6. Bracketing – 7. Manual release rod

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