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AUTO Pharma® hermetic doors by GIESSE stand out as a great innovation in pharmaceutical domain, they meet all needs for research in sterile environments.

Automation designed for heavy use.

AUTO Pharma® doors by GIESSE are specifically designed for companies in pharmaceutical domain, they respect speed and air-tightness standards to prevent germs and bacteria from getting in the clean rooms. We test each Pharma high-speed door, all optional devices need little room and they do not have protrusions to help cleaning operations.

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AUTO Pharma® PVC high-speed doors by GIESSE are designed to make clean rooms air-tight, for companies in pharmaceutical domain or not. Besides they prevent from bacterial contamination and they keep sterility at the right standards.

Porte per clean room

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OperatorFrontal or lateral integrated with gearbox
Max ClearOpening W 3500x H 3500 mm
Upper beamRounded canopies for main barrel and motor. 350x350mm
ColoumnsSelf-supporting frame with electrical conduits included 100x100mm
Side railsHigh density polietilen profile
Positive permeabilityClass 4 – Δp for 50 Pa of pressure [m3/m2h] = 1.62
Negative permeabilityClass 4 – Δp for 50 Pa of pressure [m3/m2h] = 1.76
ButtonsStart stop push button on frame and Led flashing blinker
CurtainPVC curtain 1200 gr/sq. m
Curtain reinsertManual
Windows1 row of transparent windows 1000×300 mm – 1500 mm from ground
SafetyLight curtains
Speed1.5 m/s
Wind resistanceClass 2

Our doors can be equipped with a courtesy device to enable the automatic opening in case of no mains voltage.

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1. Integrated control panel 230 V – 2. START push button on self-supporting frame – 3. Light curtain – 4. START push button opposite side – 5. Led flashing blinker – 6. Brackets

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