AUTO Choice


PVC High-speed doors are a macro class of high-speed flexible doors for the industrial and business use, their structural flexibility is due to a polyester mantle, their self-bearing structure is composed by pillars, with a rectangular section and plastic rails, and crossbeams, including rolling up devices and the related automation.

It is installed coming up to a wall with anchor plates and related anchorages; with some structural precautions we can install it without a bearing wall as well.

All industrial closures include CE labelling and are in compliance with machinery guidelines.

These doors are custom-made according to the size of passage needed and the available spaces in the surroundings. They are customized in colors, visual inserts, silk-screen prints, electric and electronic interfaces. The peculiarity of these kinds of high-speed doors lies in their coverings without any horizontal elements of contrast, so that in case of impact the mantle is naturally distorted and no fixing up is needed.

After some impacts the sliding system at the end of the mantle may be partially damaged but of course it can be fixed up.

Pvc Doors

Details of the product

A UTO Choice shock-absorbing doors are useful to prevent from a massive dispersion of heat between different spaces, like the production unit and the storehouse, that of course should be at different temperatures. The functioning speed reduces time of maneuvers when vehicles are moving through and, even in case of powder containing and noise reduction, benefits outnumber the costs.

The sliding rails, close-fitting to the mantle, provide you with great air-tightness which is useful in food industry or chemical industry because it prevent insects from getting in.

With their many configurations, they are suitable as internal or external dividings, enduring wind and internal pressure. Our available configurations meet every demand and fit for every sector, from heavy industry to clean rooms and loading bays including loading and unloading equipment. Due to their versatility they belong to AUTO Choice selection as solutions for delimiting robotized islands and complex industrial automations.

AutomationSide automation integrated with a gearbox (IP 65)
Maximum useful sizeW 6000 x H 5500 mm
CrossbeamRound-shaped upper housing or no upper housing
PillarsSelf-bearing outline
RailsSliding outline in high-density polyethylene
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillars
MantleDual coated fabric in polyester, 1200 gr/sq. m
ReinsertionManual (assisted) reinsertion of the mantle in the rails
GlazingIt depends on the product
SafetyAnti-shears device with a photocell sensor barrier
SpeedFunctioning speed from 1.2 to 1.8 m/s
Wind resistanceClass 2

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand. Interfaces with other automation managed by PCL are possible as well.