Canopy Coverings


Moving canopies by GIESSE are installed between the side walls of two pre-existing facilities. Length sides are next to in view walls of facilities, allowing therefore a straight way in the facility.

Our canopy coverings

The other two sides are open to allow the way in and out and they can be closed with strong sliding curtains or other closure systems. The main characteristic of moving canopies is being passable by vehicles in all four directions because they do not have any uninterrupted walls on any side.

Coperture industriali in PVC

GIESSE Logistics created a wide PVC canopy for Monviso Sporting Club to shelter humans and sport equipment.

The canopy we created for Monviso Sporting Club was specifically designed for a sport centre. The fields where athletes train daily extend under the canopy. In addiction to this canopy GIESSE created an insulated storage facility.

Sporting Club


Monviso Sporting Club Corso Canonico Giuseppe Allamano 25, Grugliasco (TO)

Coperture per campi da PADEL

Product Tab

Due to their many characteristics our moving canopies can be used as a connection between two facilities to protect humans and vehicles from weather agents while they are passing through and to create at the same time a covered area suitable for stocking materials and goods.

Coperture industriali in PVC
StructureHot dip galvanized steel structure including bolted joints
SizeSize depends on the project
CoveringCovering in dual coated PVC fabric
TinplateDrainpipes in bent foil
Side wallsNo
Front wallsNo
GlazingGlazing in transparent dual coated PVC fabric or Cristal PVC
OpeningsOpenings created with gates
FinishingGround finishing through sunk coach screws or mechanical dowels
Coperture industriali in PVC

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Progettazione di coperture industriali

Canopy coverings data sheet

Other samples of canopy coverings

Costan Epta Via degli Alpini 14, Limana (BL)

Sidat Group Via Emanuele Petri, Trofarello (TO)

Telai Olagnero S.R.L. Str. Maira Valle 141, Tettorosso (CN)