Car Shelters


Car shelters are shady parking lots created by GIESSE, easy-to-disassemble and if necessary easy-to-move-and-install somewhere else.

We produce car shelters in several, different ways.

Each unit of shady parking lots is ground fixed through a foundations plinth with coach screws or ground fixed through metal wall plugs on a suitable bed in concrete. During winter the covering net must be disassembled.

Pensiline parasole GIESSE

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Car shelters offer many advantages, like the simplest one, sheltering from the sun (temperature dropping) or from the snow (anti-crash shelter). To keep working in the right way our car shelters need a routine maintenance including sheet cleaning with water at low pression and neutral cleanser. During winter, while disassemble the nets, the tensioning system must be lubricated to guarantee its integrity for the next season.

Pensiline parasole GIESSE
StructureStructure in hot dip galvanized steel
SizeW 5,000 mm x W 5,000 mm
CoveringFabric in permeable polyethylene
FinishingFinishing through coach screws or steel dowels
Pensiline parasole GIESSE

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