Carwash Door


Carwash doors by GIESSE are designed for the inside and the outside of environments that have to deal with aggressive agents such as cleansers, solvents and humidity.

Carwash doors by GIESSE help keep the structure of a carwash service at its best.

Our carwash doors protect the workers as well as the installations in the structure, sheltering vehicles, equipment and humans.

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Product Tab

Carwash doors guarantee the max safety for humans and vehicles while jets of water at high pressure are shot out, preventing from intruding during cleaning cycles.

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AutomationSide automation integrated with a gearbox (IP 65)
Maximum useful sizeW 5000x H 5000 mm
CrossbeamRound-shaped upper housing, 350 x 350 mm
PillarsSelf-bearing outline with electric system inside, 100 x 100 mm
RailsSliding outline in high-density polyethylene
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillar
MantleDual coated polyester fabric, 1300 gr/sq. m
ReinsertionManual (assisted) reinsertion of the mantle in the rails
GlazingOne row of 615 x 900 mm windows, 1400 mm from the ground
SafetyAnti-shears device with a photocell sensor barrier
SpeedFunctioning speed 1.2 m/s
InstallationInternal/External installation
Wind ResistanceClass 2

Specific customizations according to the automatic system and the related logic of functioning are available.

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