Civil Closures


GIESSE civil closures are designed to provide anti-intrusion safety. This category of closure is custom-designed-and-made, after a careful analysis of the installation place and according to the demands of the clients.

GIESSE civil closures may vary according to the clients’ needs and tastes.

GIESSE civil closures include sectional doors suitable for civil use and tilting doors.

Chiusure industriali

Sectional doors

Sectional doors open vertically and arrange themselves in parallel to the garage roof saving space.

Tilting doors

GIESSE tilting doors meet every needs for size, arrangement and use of the garage providing anti-injury safety.

Product Tab

GIESSE civil closures provide resistance and safety over time. All products related to GIESSE civil closures are equipped with an anti-intrusion system that prevent humans and vehicles from getting in and protect your house and your family.

Chiusure industriali

Sectional doors

RailsRoof rails
SystemSpring system
ElementsHinges and metalware in view
EngineSide engine 230V

Tilting doors

ShutterShutters in galvanized corrugated foil
FrameUpper crossbeam with a fixed latch and two side pillars
WheelsWheels with self-lubricated sliding or in tropicalized steel including bearings
ParachutesSafety parachutes against wire wreckage; strand ropes in galvanized steel
LockYale lock with an interchangeable cylinder
BracketsWall and doweled installation

Civil Closure data sheet