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Dock Tunnels belong to the loading bays selection, they have a strong frame in steel. Flaps made of classic retractile sealing and set on the front arch make the equipment really functional. This product protects workers from bad weather and unhealthy drafts.

Dock Tunnels are reliable and long-lasting products. Dock Tunnels help seal the back side of a vehicle while loading on outdoor verges.

Dock Tunnels are retractile trunks that cover two sides and the roof and the trunk can be extended making them slide on its wheels and fitting the vehicle. Our trunks end with a retractile sealant with its standard functioning, its shock-absorbing ability in case of not-in-axis moving back. Th roof in Dock Tunnels leans towards the two external halves, to allow rain water drain.

Tunnel retrattili
Tunnel retrattili
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Extensible Dock Tunnels

Extensible Dock Tunnels are the best solution by GIESSE to join vehicles to the load opening of storages with an external verge. Front flaps in synthetic rubber with high resistance to scraping fit the outline of the vehicle and prevent from heat dispersion (or whatever jumps in the temperature inside the storage).

Rotating Dock Tunnels

Rotating Dock Tunnels allow to load and unload vehicles placed in parallel to the facility. The installation varies if vehicles are placed on the left or on the right side of the facility.

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T hanks to their specific rotating structure Dock Tunnels protect from external agents such as rain, wind, hail… Dock Tunnels can be adjusted to make vehicles maneuver freely and safely.

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Extensible Dock Tunnel

StructureSelf-bearing structure with a tube in hot dip galvanized steel and pillars connected by pantograph bars
WheelsForward wheels in nylon with high resistance to make the extension easier
MantleDual coated, self-extinguished PVC (class II – 900 gr/sq. m)
FlapsSide flaps (L 700 mm) and upper flaps (H 1,000 mm) in synthetic rubber, 5 mm thick and high resistant against scraping
SignsYellow centering signs to make maneuvers easier

Rotating Dock Tunnel

StructureSelf-bearing structure in galvanized steel
ArmsSide pantograph arms to make the structure flexible
MantleDual coated, self-extinguished CL.II PVC
FlapsSide flaps and upper flaps in PVC with high resistance against scraping
SignsYellow signs to make maneuvers easier
WheelsNylon wheels at the base of the pillars

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Dock tunnel
Porte rapide in PVC

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