These category of flexible high-speed doors fit for all industrial environments, in particular in mass retailing. The structural flexibility is due to the double-layered polyester mantle with an inner tube, the self-bearing structure is composed by a foil pillar with rectangular-shaped outlines and an upper crossbeam including rolling up devices for belts and the related 400 volts electromechanical automation. It is installed coming up to a wall with anchor plates and related anchorages.

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All industrial closures include CE labelling and are in compliance with machinery guidelines.

These doors are custom-made, even in big size, according to the size of the passage needed and the available spaces in the surroundings and customized in colors, visual inserts, silk-screen prints, electric and electronic interfaces. The mantle is more stable due to the horizontal trellis elements of contrast that make them really resistant against wind. A set of polyester belts fastened to the trellis inside the mantle rolls up on the upper shaft and folds up the mantle.

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DUAL Air high-speed doors are useful to prevent from a massive dispersion of heat between the production units or the stock areas and the outside in whatever dimensional condition and wind-facing environments. The functioning speed reduces time of maneuvers when vehicles are moving through, these doors work as a great acoustic insulation creating a sort of barrier. DUAL Air doors work as safe, vertical-moving walls because they do not have any external lifting device. Special configurations with a large range of technical fabrics and structures in stainless steel are available as well.

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OperatorFrontal or lateral
Max ClearOpening W 11700 x H 7400 mm
Upper beam sizeU-shaped upper housing, 400 x 200 mm
ColoumnsSelf-bearing outline with an electric system inside, 400 x 200 mm
BeltsBelts to pick the double mantle up integrated on the pillar
ButtonsStart stop push button on frame and Led flashing blinker
CurtainDouble dual curtain polyester fabric, 730 gr/sq. m
WindowsOne row of 1000×300 mm windows, 1500 mm from the ground
SafetyLight curtains
SpeedFunctioning speed 1.0 m/s
Wind resistanceClass 2

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand.

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1. Control panel 400 V – 2. Light curtain – 3. START push button on self-supporting frame – 4. Led flashing blinker – 5. Brackets – 6. Crank handle

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* Designs are for demonstration use only, they may not be up-to-date or scale designs. Some designs and some tabs for specific products may not be available.


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