DUAL Big doors by GIESSE are MADE in ITALY innovation in big-sized high-speed doors with little cost in maintenance and high quality level and they ensure maneuverability and waterproofness. DUAL Big industrial doors fit for different applications, such as shipyards, airports, mineral plants, recycling, energy, waste plants, sandblasting, painting, heavy industry, maintenance and repairing.

All doors are designed by our engineers and well-finished to make them totally reliable and resistant to stress.

We pay great attention to the technical aspects related to the speed of installation. The automation sizing, the electric system sizing and the safety devices sizing in compliance with European laws are really important.

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DUAL Big industrial doors by GIESSE Logistics help close vast openings and they are often used for ships and airplanes garaging and transit. This category of industrial high-speed doors are very useful to cover openings of big facilities, such as airport hangars or in whatever sector where a big opening is needed.

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AutomationSide or front automation
Maximum useful sizeSize depends on the project
CrossbeamUpper trellis in carpentry
PillarsOutline in bent foil with a retaining device
BeltsBelts to pick up the trellis structure
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillar
MantleDual coated polyester fabric, 900 gr/sq. m
GlazingNo glazing
SafetyAutomatic stopping system
SpeedFunctioning speed 0.3 m/s
InstallationExternal installation
Wind resistanceClass 4

Painted silk-screen prints and insertions of visual sector are available

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