DUAL Freezer


This category of high-speed flexible doors fit for industrial applications inside cells at low temperature.

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GIESSE freezer doors’ advantages

DUAL Freezer high-speed doors stand out as the innovation in freezer doors domain, a barrier consuming little amount of energy due to its static inner tube. Compartmentalization of the environments with temperature drop till -30°. Static inner tube inside the mantle. Ø energy consumption in case of no activity. Custom-made finishings and optionals are available.

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DUAL Freezer high-speed doors are useful to prevent from a massive dispersion of heat between a freezer cell at -30°C and another environment at higher temperature. The functioning speed reduces time of maneuvers when vehicles are moving through. The simple design makes these high-speed doors both strong and functional without consuming energy to warm the mantle. Special configurations or configurations in stainless steel are available as well.

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AutomationSide or front automation
Maximum useful sizeW 5000 x H 4000 mm
CrossbeamU-shaped upper housing, 400 x 200 mm
PillarsSelf-bearing outline with an electric system inside, 400 x 200 mm
BeltsBelts to pick the mantle up
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillar
MantleDouble-sided fiberglass fabric, 730 gr/sq. m
SafetyAnti-shears device with a photocell sensor barrier
SpeedFunctioning speed 0,8 m/s
InstallationInternal/External installation
Wind resistanceClass 0
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1. Integrated 230V control panel – 2. Safety barriers – 3 START button structure opposite side – 4. Flashing – 5. Clamping from useful W 0 to 5490 mm – 6. Thermal cut kit – 7. Manual release rod

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DUAL Freezer

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