Fireproof Doors


This category of doors has high resistance to fire. They are able to close flames off in case of fires reducing their spread so that the way out the facility is totally safe. We product many molds and versions according to the surrounding spaces, the level of resistance, air-tightness and thermal insulation needed.

Each door has certifications to prove compliance with European and national laws.

The main requirements are self-closure, that involve several devices, and resistance to fire, that is the period of time during which the fixture keeps its own thermal insulation and endurance. They are installed by authorized workers, able to carry out the periodical inspections in order to make sure of the right functioning and the insulation of the doors.

Porte e portoni tagliafuoco

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T he approval for our fireproof doors is required to prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout the units in whatever kind of plants in order to allow the safe evacuation for workers. Installing fireproof doors is compulsory to obtain the mandatory certifications dictated by the current regulations.

Porte e portoni tagliafuoco
FrameAnodized metal
ShutterInsulated shutter with a double foil, 6/10 mm thick
PaintPainted with RAL colors
HingesHinges in painted steel with a self-closure spring
LockLock on the shutters, black handles, a cylinder and a door-closing on the main shutter
GasketsThermo-expanded perimetral gaskets
Porte e portoni tagliafuoco

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Fireproof doors data sheet