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Industrial flexible doors by GIESSE are designed to be dividing doors people can easily pass through. Due to their characteristics they help limit the noise spread and the dispersion of heat from environments at controlled temperature.

Industrial flexible doors (also known as strip doors) are multifunction, really resistant and easy-to-install.

Industrial flexible doors are the easiest and the cheapest solution to protect your facilities from heat, cold, dirt and noises. They can also be used as strip curtains in freezer cells and passage area for forklifts trucks, in dividing rooms, separating dusty/noisy areas and dividing the inside of facilities.

Porte a strisce in PVC
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PVC strip for industrial flexible doors can overcome totally, in part or with a sliding structure, according to the client’s need for sealing. Overcomings are specifically designed to fit for different categories of production flow.

Partial overcomings are a great solution for most of internal environments, passing through them is fast and easy in every point of the closure. The total clearness of PVC strip doors lets the light in and makes the environment bright.

We suggest our clients to use total overcomings when they need the greatest acoustic and heat insulation and brightness as well. Overcomings for big-sized openings are available.

On the other hand, sliding structures are the best solution for clients who need to set free the passage opening when big vehicles are passing through or when there is no need for long-lasting closures. With a moving hook system the whole closure or one part can slide sideways thanks to a rail fixed to the architrave of the opening.

Porte a strisce in PVC
CompositionStrips for closure in extruded transparent PVC
Shape and sizeModulars from 200mm to 400mm with anti-cut round edges to guarantee total safety when vehicles and humans are passing through
Physical resistanceDoors resistant to scrap and wear
Working temperatureDown to -25°
Porte a strisce in PVC

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