Foil Construction


For all constructions in steel by GIESSE, for both the covering and the walls, coverings in corrugated foil are available and customizable in colors and types.

Some advantages

Lightness and high resistance to burden. Installation speed. Mechanical resistance, resistance to weather agents, impermeability, shock resistance and great dimensional stability. Easy-to-adjust in terms of cuts, drills and weldings. Many available optionals such as joints, couplings, ridges, etc. that make the corrugated foil a flexible covering material, fitting for all applications.

Coperture fisse in acciaio

GIESSE created for Garbellotto company a big foil structure used as a storehouse.

When the previous facility burnt down in 2017, Garbellotto company decided to rely on GIESSE Logistics for the construction of an all-in-foil facility where vehicles and materials used to create its historical barrels are sheltered.

Giobatta Piero


Garbellotto Giobatta Piero Spa Viale Italia 200, Conegliano (TV)

Product Tab

These industrial facilities are suitable for handling and stocking goods. Thanks to them we are able to create versatile work environments where there is no need for a specific insulation or an insulated environment.

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Bolted structureHot dip galvanized steel structure including bolted joints
SizeSize depends on the project
CoveringCovering in corrugated foil or pre-painted foil
TinplateDrainpipes in bent foil
Side wallsSide walls in corrugated foil or pre-painted foil
Front wallsFront walls in corrugated foil or pre-painted foil
GlazingPlate skylights in transparent polycarbonate and/or wall skylights
OpeningsOpenings created with gates and their own perimetral tinplate
FinishingGround finishing through sunk coach screws or mechanical dowels
SafetyLife-lines built in the covering and snow guard outlines

Different kinds of industrial closures, safety devices and/or peculiar architectural elements are available.

Coperture fisse in acciaio

Foil constructions data sheet

Other photos about our foil structures

Foil structure made for Garbellotto Botti.