FOLD Up high-speed doors by GIESSE stand out as a great innovation in fold up doors domain, a solution that meet the demands of insulation and air-tightness. We test each high-speed door, all electric and electronic devices are tested as well.

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MADE in ITALY automation, designed for heavy use

FOLD Up high-speed folding doors are suitable for non-stop and fast passages, moreover the setup is effortless and they are 100% reliable and long-lasting. This kind of industrial high-speed doors used to be set up as an outward closure to create air-tight environments thanks to the gaskets on the vertical pillars. Besides FOLD Up high-speed doors are fully customizable in colors, finishings and optionals.

FOLD Up doors were used to close some openings of the coverings in PVC sheets GIESSE created for Birra Castello industrial plant.

FOLD Up doors at Birra Castello enable fast openings so that humans and vehicles get through one unit to another easily, in this case to let workers move pallets full of beer from one facility to another.



Birra Castello Spa Via Enrico Fermi 42, San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)

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FOLD Up doors are specifically designed to deal with non-stop and fast industrial flow. Our folding doors enable the passage of humans and vehicles through very different environments. Moreover they used to be set up as an outward closure to create an air-tight environment thanks to the gaskets on the vertical pillars.

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AutomationSide or front automation
Maximum useful sizeW 7500 x H 6000 mm
CrossbeamU-shaped upper housing, 400 x 200 mm
PillarsSelf-bearing outline with an electric system inside, 400 x 200 mm
BeltsBelts to pick the mantle up
StartingLight indicator of movements, start command and emergency stop integrated on the pillar
MantleDual coated polyester fabric, 1300 gr/sq. m
GlazingOne row of 1000 x 300 mm windows, 1500 mm from the ground
SafetyAnti-shears device with a photocell sensor barrier
SpeedFunctioning speed 1.2 m/s
InstallationInternal/External installation
Wind resistanceClass 2

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand.

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1. 400V control panel- 2. Safety barriers – 3. START button structure opposite side – 4. Flashing – 5. Bracketing – 6. Manual release rode – 7. Textile conveyors

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