We sell a selection of safe and well-functioning products. They are suitable for external and internal closures, walls, façades and dividings, to protect different work units.

GIESSE Industrial Closures may change depending on the type of use.

GIESSE Industrial Closures are divided into Sectional Doors, Book Doors and Shutters.

Chiusure industriali

Hinged doors

GIESSE hinged doors are the best solution for companies that have no room for vertical sliding. Hinged doors are perfectly suitable for closing big openings, besides the insulated shutters are created in our plant by authorized workers only.

Sectional doors

Considering the evolution in industrial closures, our sectional doors are the most functioning and aesthetic solution to close openings in order to make handlings easier.

Rolling shutters

This category of industrial closures provide noiselessness and performance. GIESSE rolling shutters are created with elegant design motors, shaped side rails, an anti-extraction system and anti-noise gaskets.

Product Tab

GIESSE industrial closures offer resistance and safety over time. All products related to industrial closures by GIESSE are equipped with an anti-intrusion system that prevent unauthorized workers and vehicles from getting in the facility.

Chiusure industriali

Hinged doors

PanelsInsulated panels with a dovetail outline used for the perimetral frame
ShuttersInsulated shutters, 52 mm thick
FoilSmooth pre-paint foil with a zinc-coat, 7/10 mm thick, and an anti-scrap film
Shutters openingShutters opening at 90° or 180°

Sectional doors

RailsRoof rails
SystemSpring system
ElementsHinges and metalware in view
EngineSide engine for industrial use, 230V/400V

Rolling shutters

MotorizationFrom 100 to 1000 kg
ParachutesParachutes on the engine or on the opposite side
ElementsHinges and metalware in view
SafetyRescue maneuver by crank
RailsVertical sliding rails (G-shaped outlines)
RollRolling devices made of a steel carpentry tube

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