Loading Ramps


GIESSE loading ramps are the best solution to connect storage floors to the loading and unloading floor of the vehicles pulled over the facility. Easy-to-install, they also fit for pre-existing verges and they are available in three versions: with a rotating edge, with a telescopic edge and extra-verge.

Our loading ramps are in compliance with UNI – EN1398:2009 law

Our loading ramps are tested one by one to prove proper functioning. Loading ramps are usually sold with other products from the large GIESSE selection for loading points (cushion sealants, standard Dock Shelters, twisting Dock Shelters, extensible Dock Shelters and tunnels). GIESSE specialists take care of all clients to find the best solution and to help them choose the ramp meeting their demands in size and characteristics.

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Loading Ramps

Ramps with a twisting edge

Ramps with a twisting edge by GIESSE guarantee great safety when the container gets close to the storage and saves time in loading and unloading goods. The engine is in frontal position to make the maintenance easier and the side protections in foil prevent from shearing. This configuration can be equipped with side flaps including optional automatic hooking suitable for smaller vehicles.

Ramps with a telescopic edge

GIESSE loading ramps with a telescopic edge are suitable for loading/unloading vehicles that cannot be reversed or when, even though they can get close to the verge by reversing, unloading the container is too difficult due to little room, left at the back of the vehicle while loading, for leaning the edge over. The telescopic edge can lean over the loading area on the vehicle no matter the position of the vehicle.

Extra-verge ramps

When clients do not want modifications in the buildings, one loading platform by GIESSE can be installed on prefab verges with metal carpentry anyway. In this way we do no use any room inside the storage but we extend the loading area outward. The bearing structure, standing on metal legs, can be covered by a tunnel in PVC. The verge can be equipped with side communication trenches, protection railings in cold dip zinc-coat, adjustable pins etc. We are able to meet every demands with cheap and prompt solutions.

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GIESSE loading ramps allow lifting carts to load and unload straight on the platform of the vehicle reducing the time of the procedure. Loading ramps reduce loading and unloading time at the stock unit very much.

Baie di carico per magazzini industriali

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Ramp with a twisting edge

Dynamic range6.000 kg
EdgeTwisting edge
HingingHinging with a self-cleaning edge
ProtectionsSide protections in foil
EngineFront position
Side flapsSide flaps with automatic hooks

Ramps with a telescopic edge

Dynamic range6.000 kg
EdgeTelescopic edge
SurfaceWide surface with no steps
Climbing up and down the platform on the vehicleDistinct control system
Return keyAutomatic

Extra-verge ramps

VergePrefab verge in heavy steel
Verge heightAdjustable height
Loading rampsBuilt-in-the-structure ramps
Structure widthFrom 2,200 to 3,400 mm

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