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Sectional doors cover openings in civil and industrial buildings or facilities suitable for goods loading and unloading. All sectional doors by GIESSE are custom-made, considering the architrave and the surrounding spaces too. Our high standards in design and our quest for new technical solutions prove the quality and the safety of our doors.

Porte sezionali

Our Company does carry out European quality standards

Our products are tested to prove compliance with CE requirements according to EN 13241 – 1 law. Panels in sectional doors are stuffed with one 40 mm layer in expanded polyurethane without chlorofluorocarbons. Gaskets on the whole perimeter of the door guarantee great thermal insulation. Our sectional doors may vary in sliding system according to the features of the facility they are installed in.


GIESSE created some sectional big doors for Biasini Trasporti to close their loading bays safely.

We installed a set of sectional doors at Biasini Trasporti company to close back openings. With GIESSE sectional doors Biasini Trasporti company was able to safely cover openings in its stock unit.



Biasini Trasporti  Via S. Marco 2, Maserada sul Piave (TV)

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In logistic environments sectional doors safely close openings involved in loading and unloading of vehicles. GIESSE sectional doors are user-safe because they are equipped with safety devices imposed by laws, they are safe for use in industrial facilities because they prevent unauthorized personnel from getting in the production units and the storages.

Porte sezionali

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AutomationSide automation with a direct drive
Maximum useful sizeW 6000x H 5000 mm
StructureMetal panels with an opposing foil in sendzimir galvanized steel in compliance with EN 10143 and EN 10346 and pre-painted in compliance with EN 10169 with a covering in polyester or in plastic film
MantleInsulating and self-bearing mantle with horizontal staves
Soft shaftShaft bore by specific clamps to balance the mantle weight
RailsSliding hollow in galvanized steel
StartingIndicators of movements and emergency stop
GlazingOne round transparent window
SafetySensitive lower edge
SpeedFunctioning speed 0.3 m/s
InstallationExternal installation
Wind resistanceClass 2

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Progettazione portoni sezionali

Sectional doors data sheet