Self-bearing Coverings


Moving self-bearing coverings by GIESSE are multifunction solutions par excellence. They are installed without any physic connection to the pre-existing facilities, on areas inside the production units, business facilities or open spaces.

Self-bearing tunnels can be installed everywhere, nearby a facility or on a specific area and where there is no room for buildings in brickwork as well.

These moving coverings have two full-length sides closed by the bearing structure, the covering and the roof, while the other two sides stay open to let people getting in and out and they can be closed by strong sliding curtains or devices with high-speed roll up closing systems or fold up closing systems.

Tunnel mobili in PVC

GIESSE created a big self-bearing tunnel used as a storage facility for Sutter, a company dealing with cleaning products.

Moreover GIESSE delivered a set of high-speed Fold Up doors in PVC with the self-bearing tunnel to facilitate the way in and the handling of humans and vehicles.



Sutter Industries S.P.A Str. Leigozze 1, Borghetto di Borbera (AL)

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Moving coverings are suitable for stocking goods, that otherwise would take up too much room inside the production unit or the sale unit. Self-bearing coverings are designed to last over time and shaped respecting weather agents and environment agents of the installation area.

Tunnel mobili in PVC

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StructureHot dip galvanized steel structure including bolted joints
SizeSize depends on the project
CoveringCovering in dual coated PVC fabric
TinplateNo tinplate
Side wallsSide wall in dual coated PVC fabric
Front wallsFront walls in dual coated PVC fabric
GlazingGlazing in transparent dual coated PVC fabric or Cristal PVC
OpeningsOpenings created with gates
FinishingGround finishing through sunk coach screws or mechanical dowels

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand.

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Progettazione di coperture industriali

Self-bearing coverings data sheet

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