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Mono-slope or double-pitched side coverings by GIESSE are installed sideway pre-existing buildings. One length side is closed by the bearing structure, the covering and the roof. The other length side, near the building wall, stays in view using columns and verge beams, allowing the way in the building.

Side coverings by GIESSE are installed sideway facilities, the two front sides are open to allow humans and vehicles passing through.

They can be closed by strong sliding curtains or other closure systems. Side closures (also known as side tunnels) are placed sideway industrial facilities, next to openings, that create some room without clogging up the passage from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.

Tunnel mobili in pvc

GIESSE installed a set of side tunnels for Telai Olagnero company, to enlarge the width of the pre-existing facilities.

Moreover we remind you PVC side coverings are extremely useful to cover marginal spaces in any facilities that otherwise would not be usable.



Telai Olagnero S.R.L. Str. Maira Valle 141, Tettorosso (CN)

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The main characteristic of side coverings is covering even marginal areas, to make them usable to stock materials and goods. They are really multifunction due to their structure and they can transform unusable areas into usable space for stocking materials and goods.

Tunnel mobili in pvc

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StructureHot dip galvanized steel structure including bolted joints
SizeSize depends on the project
CoveringCovering in dual coated PVC fabric
TinplateFlashing on the closest building
Side wallsFor one side only
Front wallsSide walls in dual coated PVC fabric
GlazingGlazing in transparent dual coated PVC fabric or Cristal PVC
OpeningsOpenings created with gates
FinishingGround finishing through sunk coach screws or mechanical dowels

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand.

Tunnel mobili in pvc

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Progettazione di porte rapide industriali

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