GIESSE creates and sells high quality telescopic coverings, both resistant and stable. This peculiar selection of self-bearing structures is made of sections sliding one into the other thanks to ground rails and wheels equipped with anti-derailment devices.

Coperture industriali in PVC

Opening and closing telescopic structures is so simple and it takes little time:

You just have to slide the elements one into the other, by hands or with an avant-garde motorized system, completely designed and created by GIESSE. Each telescopic structure is designed and created to meet our clients’ demands; therefore size may vary to be suitable for large-size industry or shipyards or simple storehouses as well.


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T elescopic structures cover or uncover specific storage points depending on the season and the weather conditions. GIESSE telescopic coverings enable the greatest usability in spaces with a gathered up structure. We are able to create products with outstanding size and a manual or motorized handling. These advantages have enabled the increasing spread of this product, that has undergone constant technological evolutions from both mechanical/structural and aesthetic points of view. All structures are designed and created meeting our clients’ demands; size may vary to be suitable for large-size industry or shipyards or simple storehouses as well.

Coperture industriali in PVC
StructureHot dip galvanized steel structure including bolted joints
SizeSize depends on the project
CoveringCovering in dual coated PVC fabric
TinplateNo tinplate
Side wallsSide walls in dual coated PVC fabric
Front wallsFront walls in dual coated PVC fabric, moving or fixed
GlazingGlazing in transparent dual coated PVC fabric or Cristal PVC
OpeningsOpenings created with gates
FinishingGround finishing through sunk coach screws or mechanical dowels

Customization of the mantle, with painted or digital silk-screen prints, by demand.

Coperture industriali in PVC

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* Designs are for demonstration use only, they may not be up-to-date or scale designs. Some designs and some tabs for specific products may not be available.

Progettazione di tunnel telescopici

Telescopic coverings data sheet