Swift repairmen

Our technical assistance guarantees non-stop and fast support for all clients having GIESSE products. We can intervene on-site in 48/72 hours from when we receive the issue warning.

Service repairmen

let’s solve them

All products (high-speed doors, tunnels, loading points, rolling shutters, etc.) may need technical assistance over time due to issues in their functioning. Our team of authorized workers will intervene on your GIESSE products in little time, solving the problem and creating as little inconvenience to you as possible.

What is the problem?


Reparations are interventions on call that are carried out by our technical workers and that happens in case of non-functioning or malfunction of the product sold.

Planned maintenances

Planned maintenances include all the operations carried out by authorized workers only, like periodic and precautionary inspections and interventions on closures that make our products safe to use *

* This kind of intervention is very useful to integrate the safety process to the good functioning of industrial closures and to complete it, to make it long-lasting, to reduce eventual issues and to get us rid of risks related to liability.