For over 15 years this unit
has been devoted to our clients


It has been a long time since we have worked up our concepts of pre-sale and post-sale assistance so that the client is well looked after in every logistic difficulty. From the starting sale approach to the assistance of setup maintenance GIESSE Logistics team of first intervention will assist you in your business handling.


We stay one step ahead
in technology…

GIESSE matriculation number

Thanks to the univocal matriculation number for all GIESSE products, you will be able to enlarge the logistic concept of your company. Save time and connect with your supplier.

Would you like to talk with our workers?

Our Customer Care office will identify the file of your product in our archives and we will help you and solve your problem matching your products with you. Choose GIESSE, choose the technological evolution.

Any questions? Ask right now!

With GIESSE forum you stay connected and you share ideas about work on a specific platform, a community gathering internal and external people who are able to answer all your questions about logistics.

GIESSE Support

Thanks to GIESSE Customer care office we are able to properly manage logistic products sold for solving accidental issues and dealing with setup maintenances or new requests.