Production sustainability


GIESSE Logistics believes in the environmental sustainability of its products, both created and commercialized. Becoming a supplier of GIESSE Company means being part of a selected register of producers who respect and improve climate trends and human working conditions.


We think environmental sustainability should play the role of a well-rooted concept to get humanity better. GIESSE is willing to welcome every eco-friendly proposal for the creation of its products. From simply recycling to checking the indicator of lost poison in the painting machinery, from checking wastes of fuel during the logistic transportations to thinking about any techniques reducing energetic consumptions during the production.

More recycled paper
and less plastic

We are challenging ourselves in creating packages reduced to the useful space of the product and developing technologies that allow recycling. When possible, we prefer to use recycled paper, from ours offices to our production unit. We design eco-friendly packages made of splinted wood, reducing all plastic wastes that cannot be saved during recycling phases. Over 60% of the materials GIESSE uses come from sustainable sources.

We should demand less
to our planet

We are getting involved in an unavoidable climate changing, born from our unhealthy choices. Our planet needs us. The resources on Earth are limited and we are running out of them. The world runs and we has to stay up-to-date with this speed, we need to find a way to face current demands respecting the environment we live in.