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GIESSE workers do not create products, they revolutionize the market.

GIESSE Logistics workers always look for ethical innovation and eco-friendly technologies.
Technological innovation is founded on unique products.

Overcome your limits, show our recruiters what you can do to be part of GIESSE team.


We shape the future for GIESSE and everything that comes along with. Little by little we improve our ideals of unicity to deal with issues of details, products and process. We want the best product for our clients. GIESSE workers make great efforts, at work and at home. Being part of GIESSE balances the hard work with personal satisfaction. Not even one of our workers would like to change something at work.

Authorized stores

Would you like to be special, would you like to have a special work? People who are part of GIESSE network are unique, they are both talented and experienced, they stand out for their style and ability in problem-solving. No matter if you are a mathematician or you are just keen on technology: working with GIESSE will make a good impression on you CV. Challenge yourself.


If you love relating with other people and you are fond of technology we will help you join our sale unit, where you will be able to show your potential and your communication skills. GIESSE Network is the right place for you: it offers a great chance for people with talent and potential in sales. We are looking for extraordinary people who know how to communicate both ethical ideals and real knowledge of commercialized products to the clients.


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Senior sales Manager (2-5 years old)

This professional position stands out in our Customer care service. You will be able to represent GIESSE world turning the plain curiosity of your clients into a real interest in purchase. You will explain the concepts of our company at your best to create a connection between clients and technical teams. The role of sales Manager will make you satisfy your ambition and your clients’ requirements in order to link the Company, the client and yourself as tight as possible.

Technical expert

Would you like to help GIESSE Logistics developing products more and more innovative? Do you think you may have worthy suggestions for us? As a technical expert you will take care of new GIESSE clients, you will help technical assistance dealing with issues of this sector and running R&D unit to take part in our success and improvement.

Store Leader or Reseller

Do you feel ready to play a central role in your business through GIESSE Network activity? As an authorized GIESSE store you have to train teams for sales, technical assistance and production of contact to get more and more results. As store manager you will promote ventures and community programs to share the standards of GIESSE equipment.


Would you like to create your own setting to inspire your workers and clients? As a manager you will train technical and dynamic teams by creating skilled groups, in order to show the talent of the members and make them ready for sales and assistance. Motivate your own professional growth, motivate the professional growth of your team.